Robert l. Scott


Robert has achieved notoriety as an actor/singer in the entertainment/stage/film industry for more than twenty-five professional years and recently intensifying his development behind the camera as a producer/director/writer. In 2007 creation of his film production company, ‘Threshold Pictures’, began with the release of the wildly successful comedy 'Anatomy Of A Kiss', winning 'Best Comedic Short' at the 2008 'Independent Digital Film Festival', and finding distribution after screening at the 2009 'Florida Film Festival'. The company continues to develop other original projects such as ‘Torment: The Musical’, and ‘The Reservationist’, as well as others.

As an actor, Roberts most recent appearance in portraying ‘Rob Turner’ in the recently released ‘The Last Stop’ is claiming critical reviews. His resume also includes appearances in such films as the recently released ‘Just Another Day’, ‘The Punisher’, ‘The Way Back Home’,’Larry The Cable Guy; Health Inspector’,  and ‘Crossroadz’. With television guest appearances on ‘Pointman’, ‘Seaquest DSV’, ‘The Kronenberg Chronicles’, and ‘Superboy’ to name a few.

As a singer, Robert is currently in the studio recording his latest compilation cd  “Blues Raptor”. Opening for such acts as ‘The Beach Boys’ and ‘Vic Damone’, performing on stages from Royal Albert Hall to The Grand Ole Opry, in addition to appearing in numerous regional equity stage productions and recording projects.

“I actively seek out projects that invoke and stimulate thought as well as entertain. With carefully executed pre-production, understanding who is on the team, understanding what their contributions are, and appreciation for your entire project, you will have a successful venture, whatever that may be.”
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LATEST PROJECTS in Development

The Musical

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“Just Another Day”
“The Last Stop”

CLIPS from...

Commercial B-Roll
“The Way Back Home”
“Larry The Cable Guy,
Health Inspector”

“Murder At Sunset”

(coming soon/ in post prod.)